Welcome to Opa!

July 2021

Welcome to Opa! A new platform showcasing Roma culture from across Scotland and beyond. 

We believe in valuing creativity so every artist has an equal share in Opa memberships.

Your membership is split equally across all the items our contributors upload to create a fairer way to pay for high quality creativity. By being a member you are supporting both well known and hidden artists which we believe encourages a fairer and more supportive creative network; wherein all content is valued and paid for. 

We assess all content before it is released on our site; which means all music and learning is of high quality and celebrates Roma culture at its finest. 

Liana Liana (Ando Glaso Collective: Artek Siwak, Diana Mastej, Mania Mastej, Erik Harvan.)

Membership gives unlimited access to all the content available on Opa which allows you to discover hidden treasures and new music, expanding knowledge of different Roma genres.   

Opa is a platform brought to you by Ando Glaso, a Scottish based charity which aims to promote and nurture Roma talent, helping to keep Roma’s diverse and mesmeric cultural traditions alive. 

We are running an introductory membership is £21 for 6 months until the 9th of September 2021. £3.15 (15%) goes to service fees both to keep the platform maintained (£2.6 / 12.5%) and transaction fees (£0.55 / 2.5%). 

That means £17.85 (85%) goes to all our contributors and is split equally depending on how many items they have live on the site. 

We believe this is an innovative and equitable way to support artists in this new digital age where the norm has often meant that only artists with an incredibly high amount of plays or downloads are paid for their work. Those that are unable to reach these largely achievable amounts of plays often fail to be ever paid for the work they have produced. 

Ando Glaso Collective members from left to right: Marius Otves, David Balog, Matus Jaco, Luliu Fechete. ·

Moreover because of playlists and algorithms, lesser known music is often hidden from view meaning that to break into these figures is, for most artists, almost impossible. 

We at Ando Glaso believe Opa’s membership structure can help with this worldwide problem in the music industry as well as bring new music and artists to fresh ears.

If you support Opa through being a member you are helping to change the structure of today's music consumption. You are supporting Roma artists and keeping alive its vibrant culture. 

Browse our selection of amazing artists who we've been working with over the past 4 years.  

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