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Ist Ando Glaso Roma Cultural Festival

Jani Lang 03 August 2022

27-28/08/2022, Centre For Contemporary Arts, Glasgow - Ando Glaso is hosting its First Roma Cultural Festival, to showcase the colourful cultural heritage of Roma people living in Scotland.

Supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and in partnership with the National Library of Scotland, in 2021-22 Ando Glaso embarked on a year-long journey to explore the cultural heritage of the various Roma communities around Scotland. The finale to this project is a two days long cultural festival, to showcase a wide range of Roma heritage. Highlighting the first day will be the Daniel Martinez Flamenco group with their award winning Art of Believing show. The second day will see the debut of a  new piece of work commissioned by Ando Glaso as part of Scotland’s Year of Stories and funded by Museums Galleries Scotland. Tales of a Travelling Scotland will explore the cultural heritage of Scotland’s vibrant Traveller community in the same ways their history has been preserved and passed on for centuries; through music, songs and storytelling. The piece will be performed by legendary storyteller Jess Smith accompanied by Kevin Whyte, Ian MacGregor and Ciaran Ryan. Visitors will have the opportunity to submerge into the Roma cultural heritage through workshops, talks and exhibitions and more concerts by Ando Glaso Collective, ZOR, Romacaleo and Romane Cierhenia representing the Romanian, Polish, Slovak, Czech and Hungarian Roma communities.
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